William & Mary

"When we started working with Phoenix Design Works, it was in the context of a mandate to develop a new logo to replace one that had been banned by the NCAA. Our broad-based committee of students, faculty, Alumni, administrators and coaches had worked for several months to create the guidelines it would use in selecting a new logo and to sift through hundreds that had been submitted for consideration. We believed we were at a point where we had three viable concepts with which to work and we were looking for a design firm to take each of those and provide us with options for our consideration. Your job was to take our concepts, give us working options, and do so on a fairly tight deadline. Once we started working with you we quickly came to understand how many possibilities there were yet to be considered. You provided us well over 500 options, met every deadline, used your experience to keep us on track without ever attempting to impose your judgement on the final selections and along the way helped us see unique opportunities we had with the design we selected, opportunities that sadly might have been overlooked had it not been for your guidance. What impressed me was the speed with which you worked, your consistent good nature and responsiveness and the extent to which you were willing to go to give us what we needed-not to mention to the fact that the artwork itself is of extremely high quality. Thanks to you we met our deadline, are enthusiastic about the result you have helped us create, and are most grateful for a working relationship where not only was every promise kept, you frequently went beyond. Thanks again for a great job for us."

W. Samuel Sadler, Vice President for Student Affairs, Chair, Logo Committee, William & Mary College

"We are excited by the outcome of this process and greatly appreciate your patience and your commitment to helping us achieve the outcome we desired. Thank you for your great work, Jamie."

Sam Sadler Vice President, Student Affairs, William & Mary College

Phoenix Design Works