Sacred Heart University

"Phoenix Design Works was truly a pleasure to work with.  Our brand identity project presented some distinct and unique challenges to the Phoenix team, but they overcame each one creatively and professionally. Throughout each step of the design process, they never lost their focus on total client satisfaction, many times going above and beyond what one would normally expect on a project like this.  They were flexible, patient and helped us graphically achieve the new brand look we were looking for.  Based on the length, scope and challenges inherent in our project, we cannot recommend Phoenix Design Works highly enough."

Mark Adzigian, Assistant Athletic Director, Sacred Heart University

"We worked with Phoenix Design Works when we developed our new athletic family of marks and logos. We have stayed in contact since that time and have appreciated their friendship and expertise. Throughout the design and implementation process we were impressed with the company's thorough research, creative, design, and excellent service after the sale. I highly recommend they be considered for design, graphics and creative work."

Mark Adzigian, Assistant Athletic Director, Sacred Heart University

“Phoenix was proactive and always available throughout the entire process. Creatively, they were responsive to our suggestions and really made our program come to life. Their performance on this project allowed us to add many components we were missing from our previous branding options. Phoenix exhibited tremendous diligence, creativity, flexiblility, and customer service throughout the entire process and were a great pleasure to work with.”

Mark Adzigian, Senior Associate Athletic Director for Licensing & Equipment, Sacred Heart University

“Phoenix Design Works did an unbelievable job with our rebranding project. Taking ‘Big Red’ and turning him into our new athletic mark was nothing short of spectacular! As the scope of the project grew to include the creation of a new Big Red, the Pioneer Club, the Lil Red Youth Club, three families of sport specific marks, and our exclusive font system, their expertise played a vital role in the overall success of the project .”

Joe Del Rossi, Senior Associate Athletic Director for Development, Sacred Heart University

Phoenix Design Works