Lafayette College

"The opportunity to engage in a process to develop a new visual identity program doesn't occur too often at the collegiate level.  We wanted to ensure that we selected the absolute best company to work with and went through several tedious steps to make this selection.  To say that we were extremely pleased with the process and results of working with Phoenix Design Works would be an understatement.  Everyone on campus -- from the committee that was charged with this process to the students and potential students -- have embraced the new identity.  One key area to judge success of a new identity is in the sales of merchandise and we are excited to report that sales have been tremendous -- more than double the online sales in the last three months.  We highly recommend Phoenix to any entity looking to produce a new identity.  The staff at Phoenix is tremendous to deal with and highly flexible.  They truly put the customer first.”

Scott Morse, Associate Athletic Director, Lafayette College

Phoenix Design Works