Maryland Eastern Shore University

“Phoenix Design Works was wonderful to work with; they were courteous, they were complimentary, they were helpful! They really helped us get to where we wanted to go. Our brand was a little bit in flux and we were trying to take something that exists that the university is keeping and turn it into something that we can really identify with here in our local community. Jamie was great to help us get there - He helped us figure out where we were starting and where we wanted to go. Jamie was fantastic in developing our style and developing what we wanted to get. Lots of revisions, lots of work, but the whole time Phoenix was real easy to work with and no problems at all. We were really happy with the end product and we think that our new brand of The Shore is something that we can really sell; not only in our community but in our whole athletic platform and we couldn’t recommend them more!” Stan Bradley, Associate Director of Athletics for External Affairs, University of Maryland Eastern Shore

Phoenix Design Works