MNN Manhattan Neighborhood Network

“Phoenix understood MNN right away and were extremely excited to be onboard with the work we were doing at MNN. We have collaborated on many projects including Annual Reports that showcase MNN, our mission, and why it matters too NYC. In 2016, MNN launched the 1st ever HD Channel for Community Producers in the borough of Manhattan. Phoenix was with me every step of the way and helped us figure out creative and exciting ways to announce the new channel launch. They also designed community producer showcase programs to celebrate the HD channel launch, making every community producer an MNN brand ambassador. Working with Phoenix Design is a true creative partnership, and the effect of this partnership really shows up in the results we get when we work with Phoenix. Our stakeholders are happy, our community producers are more engaged, and more people than ever know what MNN is all about and what we do in NYC.”
Linda Romano, Director of Marketing & Communications, Manhattan Neighborhood Network

“MNN's work with Phoenix Design has been rewarding and fruitful for us. Their creative capabilities are exceptional and their work beautifully showcases MNN. They are also true champions of our mission. The Phoenix team not only appreciates the service we provide to our community, they take as much pride as we do in celebrating the producers who make MNN so special. It's a pleasure to partner with such a talented team!"

Linda Romano, Director of Marketing & Communications, MNN

Phoenix Design Works