Houghton College

“Phoenix was very patient with us as we went through the entire process. They met with our committee and interviewed us to get a feel for what we were looking for, then they presented several initial concepts before we chose the flag design. Then they worked with us through a number of revisions until they presented the Highlander design and logo package we have today. We are pleased with the work they did and are excited about incorporating the new look into our marketing efforts. Houghton College has been wrestling with how to best present ourselves to our different constituencies and to the public in general. It was important, given the breadth of exposure we receive from our athletic teams, that we have a consistent way of presenting ourselves in that venue as well. When one thinks about some of the things we value – sports, ministry, tradition, equal opportunity, and a commitment to excellence – this unique approach to the mascot and logo issue fits perfectly with what we have been doing across the institution as a whole." Skip Lord, Athletic Director, Houghton College

Phoenix Design Works