GreenLight, A Corbis Company

"I have worked with Jamie and Phoenix for some twenty odd years, and he has always delivered, and exceeded my expectations, and the Greenlight program is no different. Phoenix worked with me to create a true global branding program in every sense of the word; from logo development, extensive style & brand guide use manuals, and multilingual stationary system, to promotional books, collateral, web site design and development, packaging and an international ad campaign. Phoenix was there every step of the way, every area they worked in continues to generate revenue for the company, and they made the process of getting to the finish line a pleasure; they were a joy to work with. The body of work generated by Phoenix for Greenlight stands as a textbook definition for both branding and advertising. Jamie and Phoenix remain my favorite branding firm in the world."

Ross Sutherland, Vice President and Director of Advertising and Marketing, Greenlight, A Corbis Company

Phoenix Design Works