"When I first met Jamie, we were working on a high profile event that required posters and other graphic elements. None of the submissions from any other agencies had been remotely well received by the powers that be. With time running out, Jamie delivered fully conceptualized campaign completely appropriate for the event. It met with universal approval and we were able to complete the project just in time. He was a pleasure to work with, upbeat regardless of the insane time frame that we were battling. Due to this experience, we worked with Jamie many more times over the coming years, knowing that he provided excellent work, understood our goals and had the kind of personality that made the design process go smoothly. I highly recommend him."

Leland Brandt, Associate Director of Advertising and Program Marketing, ESPN

"These guys are great! I really enjoy working with Jamie & Phoenix, and believe that I not only get the best creative product possible, but also some real team players who see the project all the way through, no matter what the challenge. I wholeheartedly recommend Phoenix Design Works for any & all design assignments, they're the best!"

Alex Kaminsky, Director of Advertising and Program Marketing, ESPN

"I loved working with Amy and Phoenix, they always brought great energy to projects and provided valuable insights and cost savings where applicable. I would recommend their work and look forward to working with them again!"

Rachel Mack, Director of Marketing, ESPN

"In the past it has been extremely difficult to get a design option through, one that senior management collectively agrees is indicative of the event's stature. Extremely difficult that is until this year. Without the luxury of time, Jamie developed an entire design package for the ESPY's, one that addressed numerous objectives and internal beliefs on how the ESPY's should be presented. Jamie's design was commented to be the strongest the event has seen in its five year existence. I look forward to working with Jamie on this and future projects."

Neil Tiles, Director of Advertising and Program Marketing, ESPN

Phoenix Design Works